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Frequently asked questions
Whatís the difference between interbank rates and tourist rates?
When you refer to business publications or search online you will often be presented with interbank rates these are transactions for large volumes usually in millions.

Tourist rate is the rate for everyday transactions smaller in volume and associated with travel requirements. As the amount is smaller and involves physically handling money the rates are priced accordingly.
DCE can help you for both large and small transactions with our exceptional rates.

Your rates are very competitive with no commission; there must be a catch?
DCE is determined to offer you excellent rates day in day out. We save money by using our extensive buying power for volume trading. We save on rents and rates for bureau premises using the Internet as our shop. We pass this on to our customers and clients.

Exchange rates fluctuate how do I know they are the best?
The rates are updated on a daily basis having been monitored against the markets. DCE will shortly be introducing a rate that will be updated in real time so will take account of any fluctuations.

Will you buy back any notes when I return?
Please call us on 01234 266966 for further details.
Our buy back rates are highly competitive.

The currency that I require is not listed. How can I order it?
You can order most currencies call us on 01234 266966. The DCE site will shortly allow you to order nearly all currencies on line.

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