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Terms and Conditions

This section provides the terms and conditions under which DCE trades.

WARNING: Money Laundering is a very serious International offence and customers should note that any suspicious transactions will be reported to the appropriate authorities in relevant countries without further reference.

Ordering and Payment

1. Bank Account payment will take up to five to twenty-one working days depending on the bank.

2. The Company will endeavour to transfer the money to Lagos within two working days and to other parts of th country within five working days after a duely com pleted transaction form.

3. The sender is responsible for notifying the receiver of all important details on the transfer sheet.

4. Exceptional circumstances may require the sender to provide a form of identification.

5. The Company reserves the right to refuse any transfer at its discretion.

6. The maximum liability of the Company to any transaction shall be limited to the amount of British pound remitted.

7. The Company will not be obliged to make enquiries about transfer that has not been effected until after ten working days from the day instructions were given. In case of communication, electricity equipment , Manpower breakdown or any act beyond the control of the Company.

8. Refunds will only be made by the Company and not the agent. Commission paid may be forfeited.

9. For all complains or claims against the Company or any of its agent in respect of the transfer of money, call customer service on the number on the form.

10. In case of payment difficulties in Nigeria, Recipients should contact our Lagos office .

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